Smite Tier List – Ultimate Guide 2019

Smite Tier List – 2019

Updated for Season 6, Patch 6.6: Neo Olympia

Let’s go over the best Smite gods in 2019 and their current status in the meta. If you are looking for any specific guides for these gods, be sure to check out our Smite Guides.

Tier List:


King Arthur



Ao Kuang




Da Ji










He Bo






Zhong Kui



Jing Wei



Xing Tian








Erlang Shen






Au Puch






Baron Samedi


Cu Chulainn








Hou Yi


Hun Batz




Ne Zha





Nu Wa









Sun Wukong



The Morrigan








Ah Muzen Cab








Guan Yu









Gods: Alphabetical Order

| Achilles

Achilles is moving up a tier because of the viability in solo, support and as a jungler. He excels at any role and due to recent builds he can deal massive amounts of damage as a jungler

| Agni

Agni has always been the point of balance for the mage class and for good reason. His abilities hit hard from a range, but you have to be aware of positioning in order to succeed.

| Ah Muzen Cab

The bee is part of the lower tier of gods because of his immobility. In a meta that provides mobility, the bee is easy to catch out of position and get killed.

| Ah Puch

Ah Puch is at a solid point in the meta because of his anti heal and the amount of zone control he provides to a team. He is able to defend objectives fairly easily with his minions and corpse explosions.

| Amaterasu

She has fallen out of the meta as a solo due to her low amount of pressure in lane. Currently, she is more viable as a support due to her auras in lane and her team fight presence is always great.

| Anhur

Anhur is a mid tier hunter right now in the current meta. He doesn’t do anything special but he’s not to be looked over.

| Anubis

One of the more popular mages, Anubis is a low tier mage that can deal a ton of damage. However, he suffers from his lack of mobility in a meta of gods that can just do way more than he can.

| Ao Kuang

Having been buffed in the past few months, Ao Kuang has moved up the tier list to be a great jungler and mage in general. He gains passive healing now, and his high damage coupled with his execution allow you to quickly take out any god.

| Aphrodite

In this patch Aphrodite is receiving multiple buffs that greatly improve her laning and team fight viability. With less cooldown on her main healing and damage ability she provides a lot more pressure throughout the game.

| Apollo

He is popular right now because of the availability of high attack speed items coupled with the fact that he can split push better than any hunter in the game. He can push his lane and then use his ultimate to join his teammates across the map.

| Arachne

Although she has been buffed recently, her kit just doesn’t allow her to do well in the current meta. She is a pub stompy god, but against people who know how to play well she suffers from the lack of strength in her kit.

| Ares

One of the original pressure supports, Ares remains at a stable point within the meta. If you can hit his chains, you can counter many of the relevant gods that rely on mobility since his chains cripple enemies. Plus his ultimate is a great way to cause enemies to use purification beads.

| Artemis

With the revival of Runeforged Hammer and her passive changed, Artemis received an indirect buff from this item which has pushed her above other hunters.

| Artio

She remains on the of better supports in the game because of the amount of CC and pressure you can provide during team fights. She is great for peeling enemies off your carries while in team fights and can chase down any god in the game due to her slow, stun and cripple effects.

| Athena

This god still has one of the best and easily hit crowd control abilities in the game. Tie in her global presence due to her ultimate and she will always be a viable pick in any meta because of what she can bring to a team.

| Awilix

One of the lower tier assassins, she just does not bring much to a team fight unless you catch enemies out of position. There are just other assassins that can burst enemies better than awilix.

| Bacchus

Ever since he was granted access to his Chug ability at level 1 without any points in it, he has risen to a high tier support character. The ability to Chug in the fountain in order to gain protections and the ability to stun at level 1 gives Bacchus a huge level of pressure early in lane.

| Bakasura

Being that we are in a burst meta, there are few gods that can provide massive amounts of damage as well as Bakasura. With the appropriate items, this god can tear down carries and tanks alike.

| Baron Samedi

The best part of the Baron’s kit is the Baron’s Brew available for teammates. It provides a different set of items to start with that no other god in the game can do. He is and will probably always be at a solid place in the meta.

| Bastet

Although she can deal out a lot of damage very quickly, Bastet just doesn’t do enough for a team and remains at a low spot in the tier list.

| Bellona

She will always be the anti auto attack warrior. In a meta that provides a lot for hunters, Bellona is able to box them efficiently and win most of the time. In addition, with Berserkers Shield, she gains a ton of sustainability in game.

| Cabrakan

Cabrakan is moving up a tier because of the mana changes to his Tremors ability. His main issue in lane was the mana consumption from Tremors, but with the reduce by 1/3 of the mana, he can clear more efficiently.

| Camazotz

Damage and sustain are the main attributes for this gods kit. Because he can heal and deal a great amount of damage he has become a viable god for both jungle and especially the solo lane.

| Cerberus

Another one of the high pressure supports, Cerberus provides a great source for anti healing, slowing and protection shred in his kit.

| Chaac

As a solo laner, Chaac is one of the more reliable picks because it is very hard for him to fall behind in lane and he remains a solo lane bully. His kit allows you to sustain in lane with both health and mana, and late game he can control large areas due to the slow provided from his Rain ability.

| Chang’e

Although Chang’e can win a game when she’s far ahead, the amount of anti-heal in the current meta prevents her from performing at the same level of other mages. Although she’s being buffed, it is not significant enough.

| Chernobog

From the attack speed buff on his second ability and the global presence from his ultimate; Chernobog remains at a stable point in the meta.

| Chiron

He remains at stable point within the meta due to the amount of builds he can use. Chiron can effectively use both the auto attack and ability based builds and his abilities make him friendly to newer players.

| Chronos

Part of the auto attack mages, Chronos is a one trick pony that can either carry a game or cause his team to fall behind if he doesn’t pick up his slack.

| Cu Chulainn

The only god in the game to not use mana, Cu Chulainn provides high pressure in the solo lane because of ultimate and rage meter. He remains a viable solo laner, but other gods can out sustain him in lane which causes him to be more mid tier.

| Cupid

Although Cupid’s ability have a good amount of scaling with physical power, Cupid struggles during the early game due to his lack of clear. You can group up minions to hit them all with his Heartbomb but other hunters just have an easier time in lane placing him lower in the tier list. .

| Da Ji

This goddess is often overlooked in Smite but she can provide a huge burst of damage and has an escape button when she goes up into her ultimate. Tie this with dot damage to counter invisible gods, she can easily apply anti heal with her abilities and more. Da Ji is a solid pick in this meta that’s undervalued.

| Discordia

Discordia can deal high amounts of burst damage but lacks mobility and her ultimate can be easily dodge or negated if the person you hit with her ultimate just runs away from their team. One of her strengths will always be her passive though, because it can provide an advantage for your team during the laning phase.

| Erlang Shen

Although this meta supports auto attack builds, Erlang Shen suffers from the amount of anti heal currently available in the game. He retains an above average warrior because he is a flex pick for solo, jungle and sometimes support and can provide pressure in any role he takes.

| Fafnir

In the support role, Fafnir can provide some of the best utility for objectives and tower damage out of any support. However, he still suffers from becoming a stationary target during the transformation in his ultimate and needs a team to fully utilize him.

| Fenrir

Although he received a nerf to his Unchained ability, his Brutalize ability got a massive buff to always have AoE damage without stacking his runes. Fenrir is also a solid flex pick for solo, jungle and provides an aggressive support

| Freya

Ever since her rework, Freya has been at a high place in the tier list due to her amount of sustain and burst damage. Her ultimate lets her escape from a fight while still dealing damage. Her only weakness is that once her ultimate and Banish is down then she is easy to kill.

| Ganesha

The true support god, Ganesha provides massive amounts of utility for a team from never stealing minion kills, his Ohm ability silences while providing protections and Turn of Fate provides a power buff to help clear during the laning phase.

| Geb

From the use of his Stone Shield, Geb remains at a solid point in this tier list because he is a counter to the burst many enemy gods provide. His Cataclysm ability also provides a huge AoE stun to also prevent enemies from diving the back line.

| Guan Yu

Although Guan Yu was buffed to maintain his stacks while in combat, he still suffers from the amount of anti heal available in the game without any physical items to boost healing. In addition, his main source of damage can be easily interrupted by the other top meta warriors.

| Hachiman

Hachiman is still a viable god choice through the use of his Banner ability ability, the extended range from his Eagle Eye basic attacks and his CC immune ultimate to escape. Nothing too special, but nothing he really suffers from either.

| Hades

This god received a few buffs recently to increase his tankiness in team fights but he still suffers from the same problems. His ultimate forces him to remain a standing target during a team fight. He still provides a high amount of pressure in lane, but if he falls behind then he can drag a team down.

| He Bo

Probably the best god to provide burst damage. He Bo has access to abilities that are on a very low cool down and deal massive amounts of damage. Unless you have gods that can quickly kill him, He Bo will out damage almost any god during a team fight.

| Hel

The Goddess of the Underworld can provide a lot of utility during a teamfight, however she suffers in the same way as all healers do. As a result, Hel remains at a lower point in the tier list because you can built items to counter half of her abilities.

| Hera

Although Hera herself doesn’t provide much for a teamfight, Argus is still a huge threat on the battlefield. He essentially provides another tank for the team that will stick in your face until he is dead. Then he will pop again in another minute due to the low cooldown for her ultimate.

| Hercules

The Champion of Rome remains a solid warrior in the meta because he has everything a warrior needs. He has sustain in lane, a high damaging ult, provides a huge presence during a team fight and his passive gives him passive damage and protections.

| Horus

One of the newer gods in Smite, Horus’ kit is all about supporting your team and providing utility. His abilities give protections, protection reduction on enemies, he has two forms of crowd control and his ultimate changes the way you have to play the game.

| Hou Yi

Recently, Hou Yi gained a buff that allows him to move around while casting his ultimate and helped him gain survivability. He is still a solid pick in any game mode because he can provide an AoE ultimate and his triple bounce is deadly in the tight jungle corridors.

| Hun Batz

This god will always be a viable pick in the meta because of his ultimate ability that provides a huge AoE crowd control. He recently received a buff on his Sacred Monkey ability that also increased his viability in the current meta.

| Isis

This winged goddess provides early pressure in game and late game has one of the best objective secure abilities because of her ultimate, Circle of Protection. However, she is easily caught out of position and doesn’t have an escape or CC immune ability.

| Izanami

Due to her special auto attacks, Izanami provides easy clear in lane and her ultimate pressure a good amount of burst damage during a team fight. They have also reduced the wind up time in her escape which has helped her out.

| Janus

Although one of the harder gods to play in Smite, a good Janus player can have more mobility than any other god and provides a great amount of burst damage with his kit. Then his ultimate can easily move your team across the map.

| Jing Wei

Jing Wei is a solid pick right now because her escape allows her to counter many of the knock ups that are popular right now in the meta. In addition, her passive allows you to constantly fight in lane without missing experience because you just fly back to lane.

| Jormungandr

The tallest god in Smite provides more sight on the map than any other god because of his huge character model. He provides pressure in any lane he’s in and his ultimate deals a great amount of damage and makes him untargetable.

| Kali

A solid hyper carry during the late game. Kali is easy to build and once you hit late game you can win a game by yourself because of her ultimate and passive. Kali is a great pick in this meta.

| Khepri

The true backline support, Khepri provides a lot of utility to a team. His ultimate allows you to revive teammates and he has enough CC in his kit to peel away most diving enemies.

| King Arthur

Often regarded as the most powerful god in the game, King Arthur literally has it all. He has multiple CC effects in his kit, 8 damaging abilities, high sustain with Gladiators Shield and the most mobility of any warrior in the game. Not to mention two highly useful ultimate’s that are on a really low cool down. This new patch introduces a coloration during his ultimate to signal which ultimate is currently active.

| Kulkulkan

Part of the mid tier mages, Kukulkan provides consistent damage with his Whirlwind ability and can deal a great amount of burst damage with his ultimate. However his lack of mobility is his main issue.

| Khumbakarna

A solid support in this meta because he can lock down any god diving the backline. He can deal a surprising amount of burst damage and his passive allows him to remain in the fight even after death.

| Kuzenbo

Considered a more solo/frontliner role in a team, Kuzenbo provides a great amount of pressure for a team and can deal consistent damage due to the built in thorns ability in his kit.

| Loki

Disliked by most and liked by few, Loki is a god that can deal a good amount of burst damage and has the best invisibility in the game. He changes the way you have to play during a game of Smite.

| Medusa

Another one of the mid tier hunters, Medusa has a great team fight ultimate, consistent damage and an easy laning phase. However, her escape puts her in danger because it stops at the first enemy hit.

| Mercury

The fastest god in the game is a solid jungle pick because of his high damage output and how quickly he can burn objectives on the map. In addition, his Made You Look ability allows for some highlight plays if it critically hits.

| Merlin

This wizard provides one of the easiest applications for the Spear of the Magus item which gives him a great deal of protection shredding during a fight. In addition, his kit allows for sustainable damage during any team fight and he can burn objectives on the map relatively quickly.

| Ne Zha

Although Ne Zha has been nerfed recently this god is still provides pressure in any role. In addition, Ne Zha’s ultimate is still one of the most effective set up abilities in the game making for some great team play.

| Neith

As the first hunter available for players, Neith remains a popular pick because she is easy to play and hit with her abilities. Her ultimate will always hit an enemy god, and she has a stun and sustain while in lane. However, she is easily caught because of her predictable escape.

| Nemesis

Nemesis will always be a viable option in the meta because of her ultimate, Divine Judgement which shreds the protections of any tank. She is easy to learn and has one of the most diverse builds of any god in the game because she can tank, and be an ability or auto attack based god.

| Nike

The Goddess of Victory has one of the best team based passives in the game make her a viable addition to any team. Plus she has an ultimate that gives her a crazy amount of survivability. She just lacks in the damage department.

| Nox

This goddess is a one trick pony that if you can land your abilities then she is a solid pick. If not, then you have to sit around and wait for the next rotation of abilities to come back up.

| Nu Wa

Nu Wa is a mid tier mage with an ultimate that provides a lot utility for a team. She can clean up low health targets and gives sight to enemies on the map.

| Odin

Mostly useful for his ultimate, Odin provides a counter to gods with healing and low mobility. However, it’s easy to get out of his ultimate and he does not provide much else to a team.

| Osiris

One of the classic lane bullies, Osiris is a solid solo lane pick with high sustain from Berserkers shield and his Judgement Tether provides a good amount of protections during team fights. Use auto attack cancelling to really take advantage of this gods kit.

| Pele

Considered overpowered for a long time, Pele is a priority pick among assassins because of the mobility and damage her kit provides. In addition, they buffed her ultimate to deal basic attack effects which gave her a significant buff.

| Poseidon

As one of the highest burst mage gods in the game, Poseidon can deal massive amounts of damage with his Kraken and Whirlpool combo. However, once those are down Poseidon suffers from a lack of mobility in his kit if he doesn’t build correctly.

| Ra

Even though Ra is a healer, he is still a viable mage pick because his kit does not revolve around healing. His Divine Light ability is a great way to slow and blind incoming attackers, and his ultimate is a great source of burst damage and is on a low cool-down.

| Raijin

After his rework and bug fixes, Raijin has developed into an above average mage that can provide a great deal of damage and has a long range ultimate that can deal different types of crowd control.

| Rama

With an attack speed steroid, a crippling auto attack ability and a slow that can penetrate multiple enemies, Rama is a strong hunter in the current meta. If he comes into a tight spot, he can also use his ultimate to escape the fight for a few seconds.

| Ratatoskr

The main strength to this god comes from his ultimate ability which gives him a great deal of map presence. He doesn’t use boots but can easily catch up to any god.

| Ravana

Ever since he got reworked into an assassin, Ravana’s has risen to be one of the best gods to dive a backline. He has a CC immune ultimate and ability to keep him safe, a stun that heals and his Prana Onslaught ability deals a lot of damage while slowing enemies.

| Scylla

Scylla is another one of the gods that can end a game through the use of her ultimate I’m A Monster. However, she has a kit that is predictable and an escape that takes time to fully utilize.

| Serqet

Although Serqet has been nerfed multiple times recently, she contains one of the best forms of anti heal available for assassins. In addition, with the use of two movement abilities she is great at chasing and escaping.

| Set

Part of the newly released gods, most of the player base is still learning how to play this god’s complicated kit. However, when he is built as an ability based assassin he can dish out massive amounts of ranged damage using his sand minions and easily get out with his low cool-downs.

| Skadi

This hunter has a kit that allows her to dish out burst damage equal to most mages if you build her correctly. However, she suffers from a lack of mobility in her kit and provides a great way to counter auto attackers with her Permafrost ability which causes them to slide around.

| Sobek

Whether as a solo laner, or in the support role this god provides a lot of utility for any team. His kit provides anti heal, he can toss enemies into his team, provide a huge AoE slow and easily get diving enemies of your allies.

| Sol

Another one of the auto attack mages, Sol is a solid pick because she can heal herself, has a built in Aegis, and her passive allows her to easily take down towers.

| Sun Wukong

Wukong is a mid tier warrior right now because he doesn’t do as much as the top tier warriors in the meta. He does have a great amount of survivability but doesn’t provide as much utility for a team fight as needed.

| Susano

This assassin is another one of the more overlooked gods right now in the meta. Due to the availability of high ability burst items, and the scaling in his kit; Susano has the ability to easily burst down the health of any enemy carry.

| Sylvanus

Sylvanus provides a good amount of pressure in lane due to his AoE auto attacks, and has an ultimate that does surprising damage in addition to his ability to heal. However, he is an immobile tank that also suffers from the amount of anti heal within the game.

| Terra

Another healing guardian, Terra is known for her ultimate and the burst it provides to a team. In addition, Terra has two forms of stuns in the game to allow her to set up kills for her team. She is a solid pick in any meta.

| Thanatos

As a mid tier assassin, Thanatos is very strong in the early game and has a solid presence throughout the game because of the execute in his ultimate. However, if you don’t have your ultimate, it is easy for Thanatos to get killed as he is not the most mobile.

| The Morrigan

The most complicated god in the game because you can literally turn into any god that’s currently in the game. As for the Morrigan herself, she can deal a great deal amount of burst in her kit because of her Deadly Aspects and Dark Omen combo.

| Thor

The first assassin available to new players, Thor is lower tier assassin that suffers from being a predictable god. The strengths in his kit include a global ultimate, a long range stun and his passive grants him physical power.

| Thoth

Once consider to be a top tier mage, Thoth has fallen to the lower ranks in the list because his kit does not lend well to survivability. His dash is predictable and he can get caught easily. However, because of his glyph ability he has insane range on his abilities that can go through walls. Stay in the back of the team fight to succeed.

| Tyr

The original stance switching warrior, Tyr is a lower tier warrior because of his mana usage in lane and doesn’t have a lot presence during a team fight. He is fun to play and can be really tanky with his self heal.

| Ullr

As the only stance switching hunter, Ullr has access to a more diverse kit than other hunters at the cost of not having an ultimate. However, Ullr has an escape, a stun, speed increase, and a long range attack.

| Vamana

Ever since Vamana got buffed he has become a top tier warrior because of his ultimate. Although he does suffer from anti heal in the game, his ultimate also regenerates a shield on top on his health. He is also CC immune during his ultimate which allows you to chase down enemies carries with ease.

| Vulcan

Although he takes some time to wind up, Vulcan late game is a high burst mage with a surprising amount of survivability. His ultimate is also one of the most threatening sources of damage late game with how big it is and it’s potential to steal an objective.

| Xbalanque

After a few patches of changes the way his passive works and the items available, Xbalanque has risen to a top tier hunter. His ultimate remains one of the best team fight abilities in the game because it hinders the enemy’s vision and forces them to have to stop or use purification beads to not become stunned.

| Xing Tian

With the fixes to his kit and the speed buff on his ultimate Whirlwind of Rage and Steel, this god has become a solid pick for any team. He is tanky, provides a good amount of damage for a team, and his ultimate is a great way to group up enemies or cause them to use purification beads.

| Ymir

A viable support or solo pick, Ymir has access to a diverse kit that allows you to constantly prevent the enemy team from doing anything. His walls block off most pathways on the map, his freeze and slow effects allow you to chase down enemies and his ultimate can deal a good amount of burst damage.

| Zeus

One of the most immobile gods in the game, Zeus has a high damaging kit that provides a great amount zone control during a fight. Even though he doesn’t have an escape, he can kill most gods that rush him down despite his lack of mobility.

| Zhong Kui

As the tanky mage, Zhong Kui provides a high damaging kit with a passive that grants him protections that allow him to tank more damage than almost any mage. He can chase down enemies while damaging them with his ultimate and has a self heal to sustain him in lane and during team fights.