Warframe: Nekros Prime [Ultimate Guide]

Nekros Prime – Warframe Guide

Nekros Prime is the primed version of Nekros meaning that it’s been adjusted and made with Orokin technology by the Tenno. This prime has been added to the Prime Vault which means it can only be acquired with a limited-time Prime Vault Package at the cost of real money. However, players can still get some prime Warframes and weapon parts in some of the new Relics without needing to pay for them. Feel free to check out our other warframe guides aswell.

How To Get Nekros Prime

There are three ways to obtain it. You can purchase the Nekros Prime Access which includes two other primes and exclusive equipment. As another purchase option, you could also buy the different parts of Nekros Prime from others which means you then need to pay enough money to cover the cost of the item, the amount of time it takes to farm the different parts and also the luck to obtain them.

The only free option is to farm the Relics for yourself and refine them when necessary while also hoping that luck is on your side. You can obtain all the parts you need like this however, many of the Nekros Prime parts are difficult to find. Here is a list of the blueprints, the relics you can find them in and also the drop chance to find them.

  • Nekros Prime Blueprint – Lith N3 = Rare
  • Nekros Prime Chassis Blueprint – Neo Z1 = Common
  • Nekros Prime Neuroptics Blueprint – Axi N5 = Uncommon
  • Nekros Prime Systems Blueprint – Meso N5 = Rare

However, to find the blueprints you will need to go to the Orokin Derelict and complete Assassination missions to defeat the infested boss Lephantis. To access that mission, you need an Orokin Derelict Assassination Key which you can build with a blueprint found in the Market for 2,500 credits.

The key then requires 7,500 credits, 5 Levanthis Nav Cordinates, 4000 Nano Spores, 1000 Salvage and 100 circuits to be built in the Foundry. Once obtained, you can access the mission in the Navigator. Defeating the boss will then give you several components that you can put towards building a Nekros Prime.

To build Nekros Prime it will take 72 hours of build time in-game so you will need to wait for it to become active before you can use it.


There are some benefits to the prime version of Nekros. It comes with improved healthy, enhanced maximum energy and an extra polarity compared to the original version.

Soul Punch

This powerful punch only affects one enemy and knocks them down however if the enemy hits others  as they are projected backwards then they will also be thrown and knocked down. It has the opportunity to be a good offensive and defensive option.


Casting fear into the hearts of nearby enemies, the Nekros Prime can make enemies flee while also reducing their armour so they are more vulnerable to attack. You can use this attack as many times as you like until all of the enemies flee from the fight however, the strength of the power will affect the percentage of reduced power and also how many enemies are affected at once.


This ability turns a Nekros Prime into an essential assets for any farming groups as Desecrate causes fallen enemies around the prime to drop additional loot.

Shadows of the Dead

Those using this ability are able to summon shadow versions of defeated enemies to fight alongside the player and the party for a limited time. There is no way to increase the number of affected enemies.

Soul Siphon (Passive)

Nekros Prime regenerates 5 health points when an enemy dies within 10 meters of him

Energy Pulse (Passive)

Like other Prime Warframes, Nekros Prime can contact a Void Death Orb to release an energy pulse to give 250 energy to all nearby allies. This effect can only occur one per Death Orb.

Nekros Prime Builds

The most accepted build ideas for Nekros Prime is that the Warframe can be good when used in multiple ways however, it’s mostly favoured as the main ‘farmer’ for groups thanks to the Desecrate ability.

However, it is also viewed as a potential Tank, Endurance Support and Hybrid. Making this Prime very flexible though the most common builds are the Desecrate and Tank ones. For Desecrate you need to maximise the range an efficiency along with some duration for Terrify as that ability also boosts the farming capability. Including the Despoil augment means that enemies killed also give extra loot providing you with a typical but near perfect farming build.

For a Tank build, the Nekros Prime works best with the Shadows, Despoil and Health Conversion augments to give high damage reduction and makes the player almost unkillable. Of course these mods mean that you want a 200% power strength also so that you can keep the shadows for longer.

There are other things that can be done with Nekros Prime but they are not as common or popular.

Nekros Prime Mods

Augment mods can be installed on Warframes to make their powers perform slightly differently which is the main way to customise how each Warframe works in battle. They are titles similar to the abilities of that Warframe.

Soul Survivor

Allows Nekros Prime to use Soul Punch on allies who are on bleedout to revive them on partial health. It uses all of the Nekros energy however.

Creeping Terrify

This mod also enables the Terrify ability to slow down affected enemies making them easier to catch as they flee


Nekros Prime can use heath instead of energy to cast the Desecrate ability. The health cost is also affected by the Ability Efficiency scale.

Shield of Shadows

This mod is for Shadows of the Dead and allows Nekros Prime to transfer a percentage of any damage it takes to any active shadow minions within 50 meters to itself.