Warframe: Mastery Rank Guide – Rank Fast & Easily

Warframe Mastery Rank – Ultimate Guide

If you have been playing Warframe for at least 10 minutes then you might have heard about Mastery Rank, so in case you’re still trying to figure out just what is up with that then just keep reading, we’re going to be helping you with all that. Feel free to check out our other Warframe Guides aswell.

What is Mastery Rank?

Well in just a few words, it is the system that the game has to track the progress of the player in game, you can think of it as your level in a quite different way. You can always check up your progress to the next Mastery Rank tight at the top left of your profile screen UI

There are certain weapons or frames that do have a minimum Mastery Rank as a requirement. You can’t use or even craft them if you’re below the specific MR to have them. But still, to say that there is no way to use them before reaching the required Rank would not actually be accurate.

There is a workaround to the Mastery Rank requirement of weapons or frames. If you go and buy the Prime Access to the weapon and/or frame that you want but are not allowed to use due to not having the Mastery Rank required, you can bypass that limitation. There are also some exceptions, for instance there is Broken-War, it can’t be crafted until after you reach Mastery Rank 3, but every player that finishes The Second Dream quest will receive one anyway.

Your mastery rank goes up by ranking up Warframes, Weapons, Companions or Archwings to Rank 30 through Affinity and completing Junctions and nodes on the Sol system.

Why get a higher Mastery Rank?

Aside from progressing in the game, there are bunch of perks and benefits obtainable by getting a higher Mastery Rank:

  • Raises the daily trading limit by 1 for each rank, meaning that you get 1 more trading limit above you Mastery Rank level
  • Just as the trading limit goes up, the Extractor deployment limit increases at rank 0, 5 and 10
  • You get a raising in maximum Void Trace capacity earned through fissures by 50 for each rank, as well as the daily maximum Focus points you can earn through Focus Lenses by 5000 for each MR.
  • Increases the Syndicate standing at a rate of 1000 per rank
  • Increases Collected fissures and Syndicate standing at 50 and 1000 per rank respectively
  • The mod capacity of the frames/companions/archwings/weapons is also increased.

Also you can show off how much effort you just have invested in the game, so that’s always a good thing to have right along with your username, everyone deserves recognition!

How To Gain Mastery Rank Fast

There are actually quite a few ways for a player to earn Mastery Points, used to get a higher Mastery Rank, and here they are:

  • Every victory you earn in a junction gives you 1000 Mastery Points
  • Weapons, Sentinel weapons and Archwings weapons will earn you 100 MR for each rank you get with them. This is limited to rank 30, that means this method will give you a maximum of 3000 points each
  • Leveling up the ranks of Warframes, Companions, K-Drives and Archwings earn 200 mastery points per rank gained. Again, this maxes up at Rank 30 for a nice total of 6000 each
  • After you finish the main objective of any Mission’s node for the very first time and extracting also grants you a set number of Mastery Points, depending on the mission

A good thing to keep in mind when trying to earn yourself some cool Mastery Points is that the variants of every weapon do count as a different equipment for mastery rank.

Don’t worry, if you earn too much mastery points they will not be lost if they surpass the requirement for the next Mastery Rank they will be added to the next rank beyond that.

Mastery Rank Tests

Getting the required Mastery Points is not all it takes to level up your Mastery Rank. In order to be promoted to the next MR players have to pass a certain test. These tests however, do get progressively harder as your Mastery Rank goes up. Mastery Tests are only accessible in solo play and require you to bring up a full arsenal, even if there may be some restrictions of use once you get into the test

The player will be alerted once they are ready for a Mastery Rank Test so they can choose whether they want to start up the test immediately, but they are also given the option to just start it up any other time simply going into their profile and choosing the icon that says Rank Up.


There is one important thing to keep in mind before getting into these tests though, and that is the 24-hour time limit between consecutive attempts into the tests. You can however, and most likely should, go along the aisle of the Cephalon Aimaris and check if the test is available for practice so you can check out what you will e facing beforehand and be ready for when the time comes to take the test once and for all.

Another cool thing is that you can actually replay the already surpassed tests by going along Cephalon’s aisle, so you can replay all those tests over and over again any time you feel like it.