Warframe Tier List – Ultimate Guide 2019

Warframe Tier List: Early 2019

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Warframes: Alphabetical Orde​r

| Ash

He recently got his Blade Storm ability buffed which allows him to send out clones while still able to perform other tasks. In addition, his smoke screen allows you chain this ability providing more viability in comparison to recent updates.

| Atlas

After being reworked, Atlas increased in rank along with Petrify and Rumblers. Petrify allows you stun opponents in order to close the distance and beat up on them.

| Banshee

Due to Sound Quake being nerfed, she has gone done in ranking recently. While she can do a lot with her sonar ability it does come at the cost of being super squishy.

| Baruuk

One of the newer Warframes, he is primarily focused on survivability and that’s about it. His kit ties together dodging incoming projectiles, putting enemies to sleep and disarming them which all makes for a usable Warframe.

| Chroma

This Warframe relies heavily on the Elemental Ward and Vex Armor abilities to buff not only yourself and the allies around you. Depending on which scenario you are in, this the viability of this Warframe can increase drastically.

| Ember

Due to the nerf on her “World on Fire” ability she has dropped down in the tier list because she excelled at killing low level mobs. Now, she heavily relies on Accelerant in order stun and clear enemies.

| Equinox

This “stance” switching Warframe has seen a rise in the tier list because her abilities provide utility. Not to mention, maim is excellent for certain farming scenarios.

| Excalibur

He remains at a stable and solid position within the tier list. However, with the addition of the open world environment he becomes less effective because of the time it takes to still perform the same tasks.

| Frost

Since the new content has been released, his viability has decreased because his primary role of defending is not as important as it used to be. He is still a solid choice with his avalanche and snow globe, but there other more viable Warframes.

| Gara

With the use of her splinter storm to grant damage mitigation, she provides a huge amount of defensive capabilities to your team while damaging enemies that come near you. Tie this with the Mass Vetrify ability and you have a farming machine.

| Garuda

Post launch she has changed into one of the more consistent Warframes to use as her kit allows her to easily gain energy, health and defense in the middle of a fight.

| Harrow

With the rise of the Eidolon map and the difficulty with getting this Warframe. If you manage to unlock him, give this support Warframe a shot as his covenant ability provides a lot for a team.

| Hydroid

Due to the change in the meta, Hyrdoid is just outperformed by some of the other Warframes that are out right now. Although his tentacle swarm and tempest barrage allow you to handle various situations, he just doesn’t do enough.

| Inaros

This jack of all trades Warframe has seen a rise in play because of the utility and damage that he can bring to a team. This Warframe can do it all and do it well.

| Ivara

With the use of her quiver ability, she remains as one of the go to Warframes in the game. Not to mention the amount of damage that you can dish out with the use of her Artemis Bow ability.

| Khora

Due to her improvements over time, Khora has slowly moved up in the tier lists. With the use of Whip Claw and Ensnare, she has more cohesion in her kit to make her a more viable option than in previous patches.

| Limbo

Due to his passive that allows him to enter and exit the rift, Limbo has an insane amount of survivability. His play focuses around the use of the rift, and excels at solo play.

| Loki

One of the popular Warframes that can go invisible. Tie this with his Radial Disarm ability and you can have fun taking on enemies with your melee weapon. However, due to the stealth multiplier nerfs, his viability has dropped.

| Mag

One of the three starter Warframes, she has been buffed overtime to make her more viable within the game. She recently had her Polarize ability buffed and along with the rest of her kit makes for a solid caster Warframe.

| Mesa

Mesa is a Warframe that ties range, utility and damage together all in a fun to play package. You can tie her Ballistic Battery and Peacemaker abilities together to do insane damage and her ability Shooting Gallery allows you to help out the team with a weapon damage buff.

| Mirage

This Warframe has undergone many changes to the Prism and Sleight of Hand abilities but still struggles to find a solid place in the tier list. Again, there are just other Warframes in the game that can do it better.

| Nekros

The loot Warframe. Nekros is primarily used for farming with his “Desecrate” ability which causes enemies to drop additional loot. If you also like being a necromancer type of Warframe then this is a fun option to try.

| Nezha

This Warframe has been buffed into a very prominent place within the tier list. His kit brings together crowd control, tanky-ness and damage which makes him very good. Not to mention, he has become excellent at farming and definitely belongs in your arsenal.

| Nidus

Another fun Warframe, Nidus plays like an infestation is taking hold of the enemies. Once you build up his stacks, he becomes really powerful and tanky.

| Nova

With the use of her first ability, Null Star provides Nova with an insane amount of damage reduction. At full stacks, she receives 90% damage reduction which makes her very difficult to kill. This is only her first ability and her kit just gets better as you use it.

| Nyx

Although she has a lot of work done to her kit, she still remains at a low point the tier list. The best thing about Nyx right now is her Absorb ability.

| Oberon

This has become a solid solo play Warframe as he is a tanky character that provide himself with healing. Through the use of his Smite and Hallowed Ground combo, he can even dish out an impressive amount of damage.

| Octavia

The Mallet ability on this Warframe has placed Octavia at a very high place within the tier list. Ties this with her metronome ability which easily provides invisibility in her play-style. She is just good at everything.

| Revenant

One of the newer Warframes, he suffers from long casting times and it really impacts his viability. He can be a fun necromancer type with the use of Enthrall and Mesmer skin.

| Rhino

One of the best Warframes for a beginner as he is a very solid tank and he can be obtained early on in the game. Rhino can provide a damage buff to nearby allies with Roar and make himself very tanky with his Iron Skin ability. Rhino is another Warframe that excels at what he does and is a solid pick for any team.

| Saryn

Saryn has seen a rise in popularity and play due to the Spores ability in her kit which provides a huge amount of damage in an area. Along with Toxic Slash to help you spread her spore damage around, Saryn is great at tackling huge mobs of enemies and spreading the Spore ability around.

| Titania

This Warframe’s kit revolves around the use of her Razorflies as she can easily move around the field and remove status effects from allies. Titania is one of the lower end Warframes as she has a unique kit but doesn’t do much in terms of overall performance.

| Trinity

One of the more popular support Warframes within the game. She can give energy, health and shields to nearby allies which is all you can really ask for. This Warframe provides a massive amount of utility to the team and is at a high point in the tier list to reflect that.

| Valkyr

This punching machine has seen a fall in the tier list over time because of the viability of other options becoming better. Valkyr’s kit revolves around increasing her attack speed and mobility with Rip Line to quickly move around the battlefield. Just don’t troll with the rip line ability.

| Vauban

Although his kit revolves around zone control with his mines and grenades, Vauban just does not do enough to be at a higher spot within the tier list. The Bastille and Vortex abilities do make for some fun play but there are more viable options in the game.

| Volt

The last Warframe to round out the three starter options, Volt is a solid caster choice within the game. Volt can provide a fun Warframe to test out different mod combos and is a viable option for any team composition.

| Wukong

Defy is the bread and butter ability within Wukong’s kit. It allows him to escape death and receive a boost of health when you are killed. This is by far the most viable part of his kit as he slips into a one trick pony play style that isn’t the best.

| Zephyr

After her rework, she has improved greatly and sits at a stable spot within the tier list. With the Tail Wind ability costing very little energy she has access to a lot of mobility. Tie this together with Tornado and Airburst to provide crowd control and Zephyr has become a solid choice within the game.