Smite Season 6: Patch 6.6 “Neo Olympia”

Patch 6.6 “Neo Olympia” Intro: With Smite’s season 6 well under way, Titan Forge continues with it’s monthly patch notes release to improve the game, change up the meta and account for any character or item tweaks to make the game better. Want to see where your favorite god ranks? Check out our Smite Tier … Read more

Smite Season 6: Patch 6.1

Smite Patch 6.1 Notes

Patch 6.1 Intro: The new season of Smite is upon us and with it comes a slew of changes to gods, items, plus the additions to the conquest map and a revamped assault map. Not to mention, that with the coming update comes the ability for cross-play between the pc, xbox and switch consoles. Let’s … Read more