Top 5 Best Clash Royale Decks

Everyone knows that a soldier is only as good as his sword. In the case of Clash Royale, the difference between a win and a loss can be determined by just a few cards. So us here at Rankcoon have put together our top 5 picks for the best clash royale decks to help boost your win percentage. We hope this list helps you find the best clash royale deck for your specific play style.

Find the Best Clash Royale Deck For Your Specific Play Style:

#1 Stay Frosty

Skeleton, Musketeer, Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, Ice Golem, Cannon, Fireball, The Log

best deck clash royale: skeletonbest deck clash royale: Musketeerbest deck clash royale: Hog Riderbest deck clash royale: Ice Spirit

best deck clash royale: Ice Golembest deck clash royale: Cannonbest deck clash royale: Fireballbest deck clash royale: The Log

Our first set of cards here could easily be considered the best clash royale deck in the current meta.

First up is Skeleton and Ice Spirit. Both of these units serve the purpose of cannon fodder. They will be used to Zerg rush the enemy and to constantly pester them. This will increase your overall pressure and hopefully cause your enemy to slip up. It also helps that both of these cards only cost 1 elixir, so they can be cast very frequently.

Now for the meat of this deck. Hog Rider, Musketeer, and Ice Golem. Your main focus here will be to get Musketeer and Ice Golem over to the towers. Hog Rider has great speed and durability, so he will be leading the charge for most of your pushes. Followed by Ice Golem, and the Musketeer. Musketeer will help stop any incoming flying units from getting to you. While Ice Golem can be used as a kind of off tank, as he has decent durability at a low cost to spawn.

Last but not least are the spells and turrets. We have the cannon for fairly obvious reasons. You will use the Cannon as a defensive unit whenever you can. The Log’s main roll in this deck will be wave clear. If you see a large number of enemies heading for your tower, hit them with either The Log to clear them out, then follow it up with a swift counter push. The same basic idea goes for Fireball.

#2 Army of Darkness

Golem, Baby Dragon, Lumberjack, Mega Minion, Night Witch, Elixer Collector, Zap, Poison

best deck clash royale: Golembest deck clash royale: Dragonbest deck clash royale: Barbarianbest deck clash royale: Mega Minion

best deck clash royale: Elixir Collectorbest deck clash royale: Zapbest deck clash royale: Tornado

This deck is rather elixir heavy so you’re going to have to be careful not to run out of elixir at the wrong time. Get that elixir collector up as soon as you can to help with this. That being said, this deck is quite a powerhouse, and you’ll have more than enough pressure to take a few towers once you’ve built up the elixir.

Now with that out of the way we can get on to the cards. Lumberjack, Baby Dragon and/or Mega Minion are a good wave to send in between your large-scale attacks. Lumberjack will get to the tower very quickly and Baby Dragon won’t be far behind. The enemy will have no choice but to respond and destroy them. So this combo is also viable for draining your enemies elixir during a big attack on another tower.

The big boy attack for this deck is going to be your Golem and Night Witch combo. If you can manage to launch both of these units on an unprotected tower, you’re guaranteed to take it down.

Your last two cards are, of course, your spell cards. Poison will be your main wave clear spell if your tower is being overrun by a large number of weak minions. Zap will be used for the same. You’ll find that most sets can’t be considered the best clash royale deck without a solid set of spells to go along with it.

#3 The Horde

Giant, Goblin Gang, Bats, Minion Horde, Three Musketeers, Battle Ram, Elixir Collector, Zap

best deck clash royale: giantbest deck clash royale: goblin gangbest deck clash royale: batsbest deck clash royale: minion horde

best deck clash royale: three musketeersbest deck clash royale: battle rambest deck clash royale: elixir collectorbest deck clash royale: zap

The basic premise of this deck is to overwhelm the enemy with numbers. That along with a firm backbone created by some higher health and damage cards. Again, like the Army of Darkness set, we have the elixir collector to help support the high cost of the Three Musketeers unit. So get that up as soon, and as often as possible. This very well could be the best clash royale deck in the current meta.

First up is Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, and Bats. They all serve the same purpose, to harass and overwhelm the enemy. Send these out as groups or individually to put pressure on your target tower, or to divert the enemies attention. Goblin Gang and Bats are extremely low cost, so use them often.

Next up is the Giant, Battle Ram, and Three Musketeers. Giant is, of course, a common card for soaking up damage. Battle Ram doesn’t have as much health but it moves very quickly and will force the enemy to react or they risk taking the units charge damage on its first hit. My recommendation is to send out the giant along with Three Musketeers. Giant leading the charge, the three musketeers can protect him from any air units and once they reach the tower, you’ll have plenty of DPS to destroy the tower quickly. This can be paired with the Battle Ram, by either sending Battle Ram once giant nears the tower or by sending the Battle Ram to the other tower. The enemy will either have to let the Battle Ram land its hit, or allow the giant to reach the tower.

Last up is Zap. Of course, this is mainly used to counter large hordes of very low health units. So use it as needed.

#4 Medieval Times

Prince, Dark Prince, Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, Golem, Elixir Collector, Zap, Tornado

best deck clash royale: princebest deck clash royale: dark princebest deck clash royale: baby dragonbest deck clash royale: mega minion

best deck clash royale: golembest deck clash royale: elixir collectorbest deck clash royale: zapbest deck clash royale: tornado

The Elixir Collector makes another appearance in this setup. Set these up as much as possible, per usual.

This deck has tremendous wave clear potential. While it can be a bit tricky to use, combining tornado with baby dragon and dark prince’s area of effect of attacks can be extremely useful. If you see a large push coming, try and get these cards ready.

As for your main damage and push, this revolves around the Golem. He has a tremendous amount of hit points and his on death effect makes him useful, even after death. He and the prince together can take out a tower. So once you get a Golem up try and pair him with a Mega Minion and the Prince.

Last up for this set is Zap. You can use this with Tornado to take out some of the medium health enemies or use it on its own to take out weaker hordes. Is this the best clash royale deck? That’s for you to decide, but it most definitely holds its own.

#5 Skelewin

Balloon, Guards, Tombstone, Lava Hound, Minions, Mega Minion, Arrows, Lightning

best deck clash royale: balloonbest deck clash royale: guardsbest deck clash royale: tombstonebest deck clash royale: lava hound

best deck clash royale: minionbest deck clash royale: mega minionbest deck clash royale: arrowsbest deck clash royale: lightning

This deck has a fine balance of heavy damage and large numbers of units. Tombstone, Minions, and Guards provide the numbers you need in order to pressure the enemy

The core of this deck is Lava Hound and Balloon. Their high tower damage and relatively large health pools make them very formidable in the arena. The only thing to be careful of here is elixir management. You don’t want to leave yourself too wide open when you use these two units in conjunction with one another.

Your spells in this deck are arrows and lightning. Lightning is extremely useful for taking out large health enemies, it has a large radius and high damage. Keep in mind that it will only hit the 3 largest health enemies, so keep this in mind when casting it. The Arrows card is fairly weak and is really only useful for hordes of small enemies, like skeletons, but its low cost makes it a very useful card.

What make’s this deck the best clash royale deck or at least one of the best, is its high damage and ability to react to a wide variety of opponent play styles. With enough practice using this set of cards, you’re sure to increase your win rate.

Overall any of these decks will provide you with an edge over your enemies, and hopefully help you climb the ladder. We are sure that equipped with the best clash royale deck for you, you’ll win far more matches.

Happy climbing,