Top 4 Best Skyrim Quest Lines That Are Crazy Awesome

Best Skyrim Quest Lines

It’s easy to get yourself lost into the immersive world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Just by exploring its beautiful world, its incredible lore and the amazing creatures and stories you’ll see develop right in front of your eyes. So let’s focus on the Best Skyrim Quest Series, so that you can get even more enjoyment out of this beautiful world.The player is given the option to explore the vast world however you like. After the start of the game, you’re completely free to go wherever you feel like. Of course, you will most likely get killed soon since there are enemies around that can be very very dangerous for your level, and you might even get yourself into an advanced quest by accident there. Check out our list of Top Skyrim Armor Sets to help make sure you can ease through these dangerous areas unscathed.As you might expect and as in any Elder Scrolls game, there is, of course, a main quest. That is what could be called the main story of the game. It’s where you will learn most about the Dovahkiin, the Dragonborn, and the main final objective is to stop Alduin. But there are hundreds of side quests, big and small they shape your experience in the game1. Taking SidesProbably what will affect the most in the experience of the game story is which side you choose. There is an ongoing civil war for the control of Skyrim. There are two main parts into this: at one hand we’ve got the Imperial Legion and on the other hand, we have the Stormcloaks ● The Imperial Legion led by General Tullius believes that Skyrim, as a province of the Empire, must abide by its customs and laws, and pledge loyalty to the Emperor. They oppose the Stormcloak rebellion● The Stormcloaks led by Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, based in Windhelm, they proud themselves in being the “true sons of Skyrim” and are opposed to the Thalmor, and the Imperial Legion. They believe Skyrim should secede from the Empire, as they think it is a corrupt and crumbling system, and they consider the Empire to be just a puppet of the Thalmor ever since they gave up on the Great War and accepted the Dominion’s terms of surrender.Even though they may not be the best Skyrim quests in terms of coolness, they are certainly some of the best in terms of developing the world of the game and getting you immersed in the rich mythos of the game. Also, it gives you even more voice in the game as well as letting you play a part in choosing the destiny of Skyrim.Both sides have pretty similar questlines and they usually cross each other, but that gives you a better opportunity to understand what each side is fighting for and get to know what’s happening in and out of Skyrim.It is really hard to choose between the best Skyrim quests since there is so much diversity of quest types that it would really end up depending on what you prefer in a mission. But here we’ve tried as hard as we could to make a list of our favorite quests and missions between some of the best quest in Skyrim.2. House of horrorsThe name of this quest tells you right away what it is about. When you are exploring some caves in Skyrim you get an eerie sensation sometimes, but this quest is a horror-driven adventure you get to start after entering the town of Markarth. In this quest, you find yourself trapped in a cage, from where you are forced to take Logrolf The Willful to a creepy abandoned house, and then you are actually forced to fight him while he is also caged. The narration and creepy ambient in the house make for a very spooky adventure.3. The Black StarThis is one of the players-favorite quests. It is another daedric quest, and you get it going just south of Winterhold. Once there, you get the task to find an elf mage and obtain Azura’s Star. In Skyrim, if you do a lot of quests you’ll realize that the Dovahkiin becomes some sort of super entity or something ‘cause you get to be the everything of everything everywhere, so of course, you are the chosen champion of Azura or something like that and you then get the honor to do this quest.The quest takes the player to Ilinalta’s Deep, this is a really cool dungeon where you’ll have to battle other mages and stuff. When and if the player makes it through the dungeon, then it’s time to cleanse the star itself. Really, you literally travel INTO the star to have a battle against Malyn Varen’s consciousness, which possesses the star itself. This fight is truly an epic one, it is close to Alduin’s as one of the most epic and memorable fights in the game, and it is a very tough one at that so you’ll have to be ready for this.4. DawnguardIt’s funny how one of the greatest and most amazing was not on the original release of the game but rather in the first official DLC with the same name. The quest is pretty much what any Skyrim player would dream of, luckily it only came a year later of the initial release, back in 2012.The quest centers on the story of a group of evil vampires (well, it would be odd to see a group of nice vampires though…) aiming to darken the sun and a group of hunters known as the “Dawnguard”. Both of these factions have been in a constant war, and of course, the Dovahkiin is here again to make things right, as usual. Just like in the main Civil War scenario of the game, here you too get a chance to join any of the factions and help determine which band should win this fight. This amazing DLC gives the player the chance to actually become either a werewolf or even a vampire lord. Not to mention the huge amount of new items, character and story added to the main game in this DLC. it will really leave you wanting more and more, so, if you are really looking for the best Skyrim quest, your quest is over, this is our favorite and probably the best there is.