How To Catch Articuno Guide, Location & Stats

Articuno Pokemon Let’s Go Guide

With the new Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee game released, it’s time to dive into how to capture some of the awesome Pokemon that appear in the game. Learn how and where to capture Articuno along with statistics and battle tips for this Pokemon. Be sure to check out more of our Pokemon Let’s Go Guides as well.

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Zapdos Moltres Articuno

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Prerequisites to Capture Articuno

  • 1Unlock Surf (Defeat Koga)
  • 2Unlock Strength (Defeat Erika)

Articuno is considered a Legendary Pokemon. This means it has more in-depth requirements to capture then normal Pokemon. As stated above, to gain access to the location where Articuno resides you will need to collect both Surf and Strength HM’s from their respective Gym Leaders.


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(Pewter City)


(Cerulean City)

Lt. Surge

(Vermilion City)


(Celadon City)


(Fuschia City)


(Saffron City)


(Cinnabar Island)


(Viridian City)

Pokemon Lets Go Articuno

Where to Find Articuno

Now that you have defeated both Koga and Erika for Surf and Strength you will be able to access Seafoam Islands. This is where Articuno will be residing. Seafoam island is located south of the Kanto Map. From Route 19 you can use Sea Skim/Surf to navigate to  Seafoam Island.

Catching Articuno

How to Capture Articuno

When you first encounter Articuno, he will be at level 50. So it’s best to have all of your Pokemon leveled up fairly high. Articuno is a strong Ice & Flying type, which means bringing a strong Ground or Rock Type Pokemon will great help you in this capture. It will definitely make catching Articuno easier.

Recommended Items/Stats:

  • 20+ Poke balls – bringing a ton of Poke Balls instead of great balls and ultra balls, will save you a ton of money. The capture rate isn’t that big of a difference, so its better to bring a ton of the normal Poke Balls instead.
  • High HP Pokemon – Bringing along high HP Pokemon will help a lot. Articuno has high damaging abilities, which means bringing a strong Rock Type Pokemon would be best.

Articuno’s Basic Stats



Weakness / Most Used Moves


Articuno (Lv. 50)

Ice Typeflying

– Weakness

– Rock (x4)

– Electric

– Steel

– Fire

– Common Moves

– Icebeam

– Peck

Why Choose Articuno?

Articuno is one of the 3 Legendary bird Pokemon from the original games. This Pokemon is a super strong Ice & Flying Type Pokemon giving it a pretty unique move set. As one of the Legendary Pokemon in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, its base stats are a lot higher then normal Pokemon. You can catch Articuno fairly early, meaning you can use Articuno as a solid ally in your fight against the Pokemon League & the other 3 gym leaders!