How Many Dragons Are in Dragon City? Find Out Now!

Greetings, fellow Dragon City enthusiasts! As someone who has spent countless hours exploring the game, I understand the burning question that lingers in the minds of many players: how many dragons are in Dragon City?

Well, after doing some research and digging around the game’s vast dragon collection, I am excited to share the answer with you today!

Before we dive into the actual number of dragons in the game, let’s first talk about Dragon City and what makes it such an addicting game.

Dragon City is a free-to-play mobile game that allows players to breed, collect, and train dragons to battle against other players. With over 100 million downloads on both Android and iOS, it’s safe to say that Dragon City is a game that has captured the hearts of dragon lovers all over the world.

Now, let’s get back to the question at hand: how many dragons are there in Dragon City?

Key Takeaways:

  • Dragon City is a popular mobile game that allows players to breed, collect, and train dragons.
  • The number of dragons in Dragon City has been a topic of curiosity among players.
  • We will be revealing the actual number of dragons in the game shortly.

Exploring the Dragon Species in Dragon City

One of the most fascinating aspects of Dragon City is undoubtedly the colorful and diverse array of dragons available for players to collect and raise. With over 600 species of dragons, each with its unique strengths, weaknesses, and elemental affiliations, the game offers tremendous variety and endless possibilities for dragon enthusiasts like myself.

The dragons are divided into ten types, each with its elemental affinity. These include Flame, Sea, Terra, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, War, and Pure. Each type comprises several species of dragons, each with its unique traits and abilities. For example, the Flame type includes dragons like the Flame Dragon, Volcano Dragon, and Laser Dragon, while the Electric type includes the Electric Dragon, Neon Dragon, and Battery Dragon.

Some dragons possess legendary or heroic qualities that make them even more impressive and powerful. These include the infamous Pure Dragons and the heroic Primal Dragons, each with its unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

As players progress through the game, they can unlock new dragon species by breeding dragons and collecting resources. With each new species, players can experiment with different dragon combinations, breeding techniques, and training methods to improve their dragon army’s overall strength and skill.

Exploring the Dragon Species in Dragon City

Let’s take a closer look at some of the fantastic dragon species available in Dragon City:

Type Species Elemental Affinity
Flame Flame Dragon Fire
Metal Metal Dragon Metal
Ice Ice Dragon Cold
Pure Pure Dragon Legendary

The Flame Dragon is one of the most popular dragon species in the game, thanks to its fierce flames and powerful attacks. Its Elemental Affinity with Fire makes it highly resistant to water-based attacks, while its Flame Charge attack can deal devastating damage to opponents. The Metal Dragon, on the other hand, is relatively docile but packs a punch with its Metal Claw attack, which can penetrate even the strongest armor. The Ice Dragon is a rare and elusive species whose icy breath can freeze opponents in their tracks and leave them vulnerable to attack. Finally, the Pure Dragon is a legendary species that possesses all elemental affinities, making it a fearsome and formidable opponent.

With so many dragon species and types to choose from, players can spend countless hours exploring the vast and fantastic world of Dragon City. Whether you prefer your dragons fierce and fiery or docile and elusive, there’s a dragon species out there for everyone.

Building Your Dragon Collection in Dragon City

One of the most exciting aspects of Dragon City is collecting different types of dragons. As a player, I’ve learned that building and diversifying my dragon collection is the key to success in the game.

Here are some tips and strategies that I’ve found useful for building a powerful dragon collection:

  1. Choose dragons wisely: Not all dragons are created equal. When considering which dragons to add to your collection, take into account their elements, rarity, and abilities. Look for dragons that complement each other and can work well together in battles.
  2. Breed new dragons: Breeding different dragons together can create new and unique dragon species. Experiment with different breeding combinations to discover new dragons that are not available in the store.
  3. Use the Dragon Book: The Dragon Book is an encyclopedia of all the dragons available in Dragon City. It’s a useful resource for tracking which dragons you already have and which ones you still need to collect. The book also provides information on how to obtain each dragon and their unique abilities.

By following these tips and strategies, you can build a collection of dragons that can help you succeed in battles and advance in the game. Happy dragon collecting!

Exploring the Dragon City Dragon Inventory

As a dedicated Dragon City player, I know how crucial it is to keep track of the dragons in my inventory. Not only does it help me strategize my battles, but it also allows me to determine which dragons I need to breed to complete my collection.

One useful feature of the game is the Dragonarium, which acts as an encyclopedia of all the dragons you own or have encountered. The Dragonarium lists each dragon’s name, element, rarity, and even provides a picture of the dragon. This feature is particularly helpful when you’re attempting to breed a rare dragon or keep track of which dragons you still need to collect.

Dragon’s Name Element Rarity
Flame Dragon Fire Common
Terra Dragon Earth Common
Sea Dragon Sea Rare

Another way to keep track of your dragons is to organize them by element or rarity. By grouping your dragons in this way, you can easily see which elements you have and which ones you still need to collect. This can be particularly helpful during events where only specific elements are allowed to participate.

Lastly, make sure to regularly check your inventory for duplicate dragons. Duplicates can be sold for gold or used in the breeding process. Selling duplicate dragons is an easy way to make some extra gold, while using them for breeding can help you obtain rare dragons that you may not have been able to get otherwise.

Unveiling Hidden Dragons in Dragon City

Did you know that in Dragon City, there are hidden and secret dragons waiting to be discovered? These dragons are not readily available in the game, and players need to take extra steps to uncover them.

One way to find these dragons is by participating in events and completing special tasks. These events and tasks are often time-limited and require players to strategize and work with other players to achieve their goals. In some cases, these events may require players to spend real money to unlock exclusive rewards, including rare dragons.

Another way to uncover hidden and secret dragons is by exploring different game modes. Some game modes, such as the Dragon Black Market and the Alliance Chest, may offer players the chance to obtain unique dragons not found elsewhere in the game.

Players can also discover rare dragons by breeding specific dragon combinations. While the odds of obtaining a rare dragon through breeding are low, players can increase their chances by following breeding guides and experimenting with different dragon pairings.

In conclusion, Dragon City offers a vast world of dragons waiting to be discovered. By participating in events, exploring different game modes, and experimenting with breeding, players can uncover hidden and secret dragons and add them to their collection.


So there you have it! Dragon City is a vast world filled with a multitude of dragon species for players to collect and explore. From the majestic Flame Dragon to the mysterious Jade Dragon, each dragon brings its unique characteristics and powers to the table.

By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, players can build a diverse and powerful collection of dragons to enhance their gameplay experience. Keeping track of the dragons in their inventory is crucial for success, as is delving into the world of hidden and secret dragons.

As a passionate player myself, I can attest to the excitement and wonder that Dragon City brings. Whether you’re a veteran player or just starting, there’s always more to discover and more dragons to add to your collection. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go catch ’em all!


Q: How many dragons are in Dragon City?

A: Dragon City currently has over 1000 dragons for players to collect and breed.

Q: What are the different species of dragons available in Dragon City?

A: Dragon City features a wide variety of dragon species, including fire, water, electric, nature, ice, metal, dark, legend, pure, and many more.

Q: How can I build a diverse and powerful dragon collection in Dragon City?

A: To build a strong dragon collection in Dragon City, it is important to focus on breeding different dragon species, leveling them up, and participating in events and challenges to obtain rare dragons.

Q: Why is it important to keep track of my dragon inventory in Dragon City?

A: Keeping track of your dragon inventory in Dragon City allows you to strategize and plan your gameplay better. It helps you know which dragons you have, which ones you need to breed, and which ones you can use for battles and events.

Q: Are there any hidden or secret dragons in Dragon City?

A: Yes, there are hidden and secret dragons in Dragon City that players can discover and obtain. These dragons usually require special breeding combinations or certain conditions to unlock.